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Welcome to website of TMA Bahawalpur City.

Welcome to TMA Bahawalpur City

General Information:

Bahawalpur: A city in Punjab, Pakistan
Bahawalpur is located in the province of Punjab, is the twelfth largest city in Pakistan. The city was once the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur.
The name, Bahawalpur, has been derived from Ameer Muhammad Bahawal Khan, the eldest son of Ameer Sadiq Muhammad Khan who founded the city of Bahawalpur. In 1847 Bahawalpur Municipal Board was established and under Municipal Act, 1943 Municipal Committee Bahawalpur came into being Municipal Committee was upgraded the status of Municipal Corporation during the year 1987.
At present the district Bahawalpur consists of six Sub Divisions

i.e Bahawalpur City, Bahawalpur Sadar, Ahmedpur East, Yazman, Hasilpur and Khairpur.
As per census of 1998, the population of Bahawalpur City was 377467 and presently approximately 5072284 by increasing 3% annually.
The area of Bahawalpur is 2372 Sq: Kilometer.
Buildings, places built by the former Rulers of Ex-Bahawalpur State have prime importance for Bahawalpur City. Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal Gulzar Mahal and Doulat Khana are remarkable in these buildings.
Saraiki is the local language, while Urdu and English are official languages used in various educational and government institutions.
Bahawalpur is located south of the Sutlej River and lies in the Cholistan region near the Thar Desert. It is situated 90 km from Multan, 420 km from Lahore, 270 km from Faisalabad.
Easet: Bahawalpur
West: Rahim Yar khan
North: Lodhran-Vehari
South: Pak-India Borders

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